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Your products & services are not your prime objective. Your customers and creating value for customers are. Learning what customers really want is difficult. Looking beyond features and products even more so. Especially when you’ve already invested time and money. Luckely there are tools available to help you design value for customers.

This workshop helps you understand the basics of value proposition design, shows inspiring examples, teaches you best practices and puts you to work. Afterall, we learn faster by doing.

This workshop is designed for the following challenges.
TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the challenges that apply to your case.

  • Learn what customers really want and why they want it
  • Understand the bigger picture of value creation
  • A more intuitive way to talk about ideas, customers, products & services
  • Learn best practices and how to use simple, powerful tools
  • Find out if ideas have a chance before investing time & money
  • Build, meassure and learn what customers want


The loop
Everything we do is based on lean startup and design thinking techniques. This means we solve challenges in loops: processes that can be repeated until a solution is designed, tested and proven (or not). Build – Measure – Learn. The blueprint behind every session.

The bigger picture
Your value proposition is one of the building blocks of your business model. In fact, it's the centerpiece. It affects everything customers to suppliers. Let's start with the bigger picture.
Knowing the basics from the session 'Business Model Generation I - The Basics' is a great starting point for this session.

Zoom in session
Value Proposition Design Template
Why and when to use the Value Proposition Design Template? What are the usecases? Learn and do the basics with inspiring examples and challenging cases.
Your customer's why
Now that we've covered the basics, let's zoom in. Start with the why from a customers perspective. Understand their world, their jobs to be done and the pains & gains they might experience.
Designing solutions with value
Designing value propositions with your customers jobs, pains & gains in mind is almost like cheating. Learn how to point yourself to solutions and guess (educated) what works and what doesn't.
About testing &
riskiest assumptions

Every new idea always looks great on paper. But each choice you make is an assumption. Are you willing to bet on the question if your plan will turn out exactly as planned?
Reverse thinking
Never get stuck with the right tools. We show you how to use your new skills to discover new customer segments, revenue streams and smarter solutions.

Zoom in session
A common language
Customers and their needs change just like everything else. Learn how teamwork and value proposition sessions make your organization more agile and future-proof! Learn how to talk to customers, partners and investors in a language they can understand.
Tools & methods
What tools will we be using? Well… these ones! Feel free to try them out in preparation of our session together!

There are different ways to execute this workshop/training. It’s important to know the difference (or at least ours) between workshops & training sessions.

  • Workshops – Solving challenges!
  • Trainings – Learning by doing. Part learning, part solving challenges!

TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the cards that you’re interested in.

  • Remote brainstorm session
  • 1-day
  • Multiple-day
  • Event
  • Keynote
  • Webinar
  • Big-screen-brainstorm for large audiences and events
  • Train-the-trainer
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  • Remote?
  • In-house?
  • Digital tools?
  • Paper tools?
  • 1-4 participants?
  • 5-24 participants?
  • 25+ participants?
  • Large audiences?

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The most flexible way of collaboration. Get tips & tricks and coaching right from your workstation (or bar, home, ...anywhere).

Remote brainstorm

1-4 hours / session

As much sessions as needed

Online (eg. skype/appear.in)


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Learn best practices and get coaching. Creative sessions facilitated by our experienced design thinkers are always inspiring and challenging. Try it! 

Workshop / training

4-8 hours / session

1+ sessions

In-house / anywhere

10 / coach

FROM €1299 / session*

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Scale up, speed up. Do you want certain skills to be implemented throughout your organization? Let's train trainers! Depend less on us. True knowledge sharing!

Train the trainer

4-8 hours / session

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