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Looking ahead is hard. The world is changing fast. The next 5 years will change even faster than the past 5 years. Knowing how to look ahead, spot trends, opportunities and threats are essential to the success of your business. Make your plan (a little bit more) futureproof with trendwatching techniques and methods to better understand your business environment.

This workshop helps teams to create the future of their organization or business. It shows a gamified way to turn trendwatching into teamwork. A more elaborate, but fun and effective way is this card game. Enable teams to discuss trends, their relevance, impact and timing. Analysis of the results create a clear future and foundation to innovate your business.

This workshop is designed for the following challenges.
TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the challenges that apply to your case.

  • Understand the ever-changing world
  • Turn information overload into clear trends you can apply to your business
  • Understand changing customer behaviour and needs. Design for future customers, not customers from the past
  • Innovate your business. Iterate existing or explore new business models
  • A more intuitive way to talk to investors, clients and team members
  • Discover relevant trends that impact your business
  • Distil threats and opportunities


The loop
Everything we do is based on lean startup and design thinking techniques. This means we solve challenges in loops: processes that can be repeated until a solution is designed, tested and proven (or not). Build – Measure – Learn. The blueprint behind every session.

Warming up
Designing your future requires focus, teamwork and creativity.
The sessions 'Trendwatching for Teams and 'Trendwatching I - Understanding & doing' provide valuable insights that help in this session.

Zoom in session
Creating the game
Every person looks at the world through different eyes. Define relevant industry trends from your perspective.
What do you see?
Every person looks at the world through different eyes. Define relevant industry trends from your perspective.
Your shared vision
In this part we will create a trend deck that you all agree on. We get from chaos, opinions and assumptions to a shared vision!
Playing the game!
Teams have the ability to look at trends and opportunities from different angles. Each team member is a sensor. We show you how to turn your team into a strategic radar system.
Round 1: Impact
How important is each trend to your business?
Round 2: Certainty
Trendwatching is not always scientific. It also requires educated guesses. How certain are you that trends will become a reality?
We will analyze the outcomes and turn them into your shared strategic space. The future foundation you can use to build your strategy.
Create your future
Disrupt your business. Explore new scenarios, create your future-proof strategy.

Zoom in session
There are different ways to execute this workshop/training. It’s important to know the difference (or at least ours) between workshops & training sessions.

  • Workshops – Solving challenges!
  • Trainings – Learning by doing. Part learning, part solving challenges!

TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the cards that you’re interested in.

  • Remote brainstorm session
  • 1-day
  • Multiple-day
  • Event
  • Keynote
  • Webinar
  • Big-screen-brainstorm for large audiences and events
  • Train-the-trainer
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  • In-house?
  • Digital tools?
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