1-10 Participants
1-2 Days
4-6 Tools
Level 2Intermediate


Everything starts with an idea. A dream, a ‘big hairy audacious goal’ or just some stupid problem that needs fixing. But how do you turn ideas into a startup? Knowing that lots of companies end up doing completely different things than their initial idea.

This workshop is designed for the following challenges.
TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the challenges that apply to your case.

  • Is my idea worth investing time and money in?
  • Are we solving a problem that actually exists?
  • Does my customer segment exist?
  • What are the (riskiest) assumptions my plan is based on?
  • How to test riskiest assumptions?
  • I need help to build, measure and learn from my startup
  • What’s my pitch to customers, partners or investors?
  • What resources, partners and people do I need to get this off the ground?
  • Do I need to quit my job to pursue this dream?


The loop
Everything we do is based on lean startup and design thinking techniques. This means we solve challenges in loops: processes that can be repeated until a solution is designed, tested and proven (or not). Build – Measure – Learn. The blueprint behind every session.

It always starts with an idea. What do you believe in? What's your big hairy audacious goal?
The customer
Without customers there's no way of knowing your ideas solve problems, releave pains or create gains. Learn how to step into the shoes of your customer segments.

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Value Proposition Design
Now that we know who we're trying to help, let's start designing a value proposition (or put your initial ones to the test). Create, or co-create value from a customers perspective!

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Business models
Yes, plural. In this phase we will design different business models that can make it work.

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Designing tests & pitches
Business models are great. Until they're not. Put your strategy to the test. Learn & pivot, or start over.

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Futureproof your plan
Make your plan (a little bit more) futureproof with trendwatching techniques, or methods to better understand your business environment.

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Tools & methods
What tools will we be using? Well… these ones! Feel free to try them out in preparation of our session together!

There are different ways to execute this workshop/training. It’s important to know the difference (or at least ours) between workshops & training sessions.

  • Workshops – Solving challenges!
  • Trainings – Learning by doing. Part learning, part solving challenges!

TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the cards that you’re interested in.

  • Remote brainstorm session
  • 1-day
  • Multiple-day
  • Event
  • Keynote
  • Webinar
  • Big-screen-brainstorm for large audiences and events
  • Train-the-trainer
  • More things
    to consider >
  • Remote?
  • In-house?
  • Digital tools?
  • Paper tools?
  • 1-4 participants?
  • 5-24 participants?
  • 25+ participants?
  • Large audiences?

Simple pricing, flexible work, scalable plans!

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Access to all visual tools

Visual thinker certificate + surprise

Training materials & training methods

Personal license to facilitate training

Train-the-trainer certificate

*All pricing is excluding travel expenses and VAT if applicable.

The most flexible way of collaboration. Get tips & tricks and coaching right from your workstation (or bar, home, ...anywhere).

Remote brainstorm

1-4 hours / session

As much sessions as needed

Online (eg. skype/appear.in)


FROM €199 / session

FROM €99 / participant

Learn best practices and get coaching. Creative sessions facilitated by our experienced design thinkers are always inspiring and challenging. Try it! 

Workshop / training

4-8 hours / session

1+ sessions

In-house / anywhere

10 / coach

FROM €1299 / session*

FROM €299 / participant *

Scale up, speed up. Do you want certain skills to be implemented throughout your organization? Let's train trainers! Depend less on us. True knowledge sharing!

Train the trainer

4-8 hours / session

2+ sessions

In-house / anywhere

10 / coach

FROM €4499 / participant*


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