2-50 Participants
1-2 Days
4 Tools
Level 3Advanced


Describe why people need to have this. What problems are you trying to solve? Why do what you do? What pains & gains are you solving and what value are you proposing?

This workshop is designed for the following challenges.
TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the challenges that apply to your case.

  • Examples of possible challenge cards
  • ANo market need
  • 23%Not the right team
  • Example


The loop
Everything we do is based on lean startup and design thinking techniques. This means we solve challenges in loops: processes that can be repeated until a solution is designed, tested and proven (or not). Build – Measure – Learn. The blueprint behind every session.

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Throw away ideas
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Create new ideas
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Tools & methods
What tools will we be using? Well… these ones! Feel free to try them out in preparation of our session together!
There are different ways to execute this workshop/training. It’s important to know the difference (or at least ours) between workshops & training sessions.

  • Workshops – Solving challenges!
  • Trainings – Learning by doing. Part learning, part solving challenges!

TIP: to help you ‘think’, select the cards that you’re interested in.

  • Remote brainstorm session
  • 1-day
  • Multiple-day
  • Event
  • Keynote
  • Webinar
  • Big-screen-brainstorm for large audiences and events
  • Train-the-trainer
  • More things
    to consider >
  • Remote?
  • In-house?
  • Digital tools?
  • Paper tools?
  • 1-4 participants?
  • 5-24 participants?
  • 25+ participants?
  • Large audiences?


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