Want more results in less time? If you’re not yet using the power of visual communication, this is a big win! Get more out of your team skills. We help you turn your knowledge into visual thinking tools.

We have created over 200+ visual thinking tools that are helping people structure their thoughts all over the world! Collaborate more efficiently and create more with colleagues and clients. Examples are mindmapping trends, brainstorming with design & concept creation, or creating better business and marketing strategies in a more intuitive way: visually. Templates & card decks are perfect for training, creative workshops and improve communication and creativity.


  • We want to improve communication and collaboration with clients
  • Need a way to share knowledge between team members
  • Maintain level of skills in case someone leaves the organization
  • We want to get more results in less time
  • We need a more intuitive way to talk and collaborate
  • Find a way to turn expertise into new products & services (and revenue streams)


We have a 3-step program to create toolkits. The loop!

The 'anything is possible'-phase. We facilitate brainstorms to discover existing tools, explore opportunities, ideate new tools or improve existing ones with user feedback and learnings from tests.
One of the sessions that works really well in preparation of toolkit and session development is the Workflow Discovery Session.

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The next step is to turn the ideas, concepts & sketches into tools we can actually test. Tools can be templates (also known as canvases, posters, boards & maps) and card decks or visual workflows. Our sketch database and design principles deliver fast, high quality results.
We like things agile. Everything we make needs to be flexible, fast and ready to test in real life. Download and print.
When you already have existing templates or card decks that needs to be redesigned or further developed, we use the same loop to iterate and further improve your tools based on user feedback and best practices.

Simple pricing, flexible work, scalable plans!

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Get on the same page with templates.

Great for every visual thinker.

That's about everybody :).


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Turn your expertise into a game. 

Great for training, workshops,

coaching and education.

Card decks

10-50 cards

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Show your innovation process visually.

Great for consultancy, workshops,

project management and even sales. 


1 workflow

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