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Visual thinking is something all kids do. The older we get the more we forget this skill. About 90% of how we communicate and collaborate is text and speach. A missed opportunity! Visual tools help teams think and collaborate.

It's amazing how much you can achieve when having the right tools, methods, tips & tricks.

Let's meet and see how you can help us, or we can help you!

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Our story
Before we meet, feel free to find out more about us, explore what we love and use what we share.

We love teamwork and innovation. More specifically, turning teams into agile and effective problem-solving machines. Accelerate innovation visually!

We also believe that visual thinking should be accessible to any company or educational education.
We believe that any team can accelerate innovation visually by having the right skills (people), the right creative environment (both online and offline) and having the right tools.
What we do
We coach startups, train scale-ups, teach teachers & students, partner with thought leaders, create visual thinking tools and design sessions from remote brainstorms to creative events.

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What we share
We believe in sharing before selling. Ambassadors over customers. Partnerships over clients. Sharing over keeping.
We have created over 200+ visual thinking tools. Please feel free to try, download, share or use our tools any way you like!

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Over the years we developed sessions designed to solve a wide range of challenges. Find out how we bring teamwork, innovation and visual thinking together.

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How we get things done

We think, work and communicate visually. Here's some visual examples of how we work. Click for more information!

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Never get stuck.

We belief that teamwork and innovation can often be achieved by changing little things. No matter what challenge, it always comes down to the right skills (people), the right creative environment (both online and offline) and having the right tools to get the best results.

So which of these building blocks is holding you back?
23% of founders of post-mortem startups say that 'not having the right team' was one of the main reasons why the startup failed (CB Insights), Do you have the right team and skills?
We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information and 3 days later you'll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you'll remember 65% (Brain Rules). Do you have the right (visual) tools?
How to bring people and tools together is something that is often overlooked. How to turn a meeting into an effective brainstorm? What about remote collaboration? Do you have the right creative environments?
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